Wednesday, April 25, 2012

10 year class reunion for class of 2002

10 year reunion

We have set up a FB page for our class but several of you are not on FB so hopefully you'll be able to stay updated here!!

It will be June 29 at seven peaks for a night at the pool. (Tickets are just on your own) We will have a banner set up on the west end of the park for a central meeting place.

June 30 will  be a BBQ at the park that will be catered. We are figuring pricing per ticket right now and I will update this as soon as I know the exact price (estimated about $13-15 a person) It will be fun to play games at the park, chat, eat and catch up with everyone from our class.

Please leave a comment below if you are viewing this and are not on FB!! We want a head count as soon as possible for the caters and a few other things we are planning :)


SGOT said...


I'm probably one few who doesn't use Facebook. Thanks for updating this blog, I have checked it periodically.

I hope the reunion goes well -- My family and I will be moving to Tucson that week and will likely not be able to attend the reunion. I hope you will continue to update on this blog and possibly add pictures after the big event.

Good luck,

Scott Calder

Okiegirl said...

what park is the BBQ at?